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A Message from Alan Sutin, EACC Florida President

Dear Friend of EACC Florida,

The unprecedented global pandemic of the past 20 months has resulted in seismic shifts in policies governing immigration and international travel restrictions, border closures, tariffs, and trade. These have placed new challenges for transatlantic businesses and in many ways strained the transatlantic relationship politically.  Although the Florida economy is recovering, global supply chains remain disrupted and uncertainty still looms about how and when the transatlantic business and political environments will return to stability and predictability.

Throughout the Pandemic, EACC Florida continued to provide Members with the resources, information and connections that they need to navigate the uncertain waters of this global change. If you are not a Member yet and would like to join the community of businesses of all sizes that have been taking advantage of our content, benefits and network, we invite you to join now for 2022 and enjoy the rest of 2021 at no cost. You will have immediate access to our programs, which so far in 2021, have included:

  • In-person meetings: these included a CEO Luncheon in March and the Europe Day Celebration on the Deck in May – both attended by EACC Florida Members and Friends and hosted by the Consul General of France.
  • Virtual mission to Miami of the EU Delegation in Washington DC: at the end of January 2021, the Delegation of the European Union to the US – in partnership with EACC Florida – led a virtual mission to Miami to learn about Miami’s Information Technology ecosystem. Digital Counselors from 13 EU Member States participated. It was the first time that the EU Delegation led a virtual mission to Florida.
  • Webinars and on-line offerings: EACC continued programing on such diverse topics as Supply Chains, Tariffs and Trade, Cyber Security, Data Protection, the Transatlantic Economy, Taxation, Immigration, Advertising, Challenges to the Travel and Hospitality Industry, ESG, and more. You can watch our past webinars on our EACC YouTube channel.
  • Deep Dive podcast series: we are partnering with Miami Global Net on a series of podcasts featuring EACC Florida Members and Friends and focusing on transatlantic issues of interest to South Florida’s international business community and beyond. Topics include: Brexit, Data Protection, Immigration and Transatlantic Trade, with more to come. You can listen
  • EACC Florida Newsletter: our monthly Connector provides transatlantic news, program announcements, Member news and insights, as well as a section called “Young Voices from the Future”.

The world looks very different today, and it is more challenging than ever for business people to make the connections they need as they adapt, and in some cases entirely pivot, their business models to thrive in the post-pandemic world. The EU/US travel ban is expected to be lifted next month and as we collectively get back to business in an uncertain environment there has never been a greater need for executives and entrepreneurs to make new connections, share experiences and learn.

EACC Florida will support you and your business with:

  • Access to our network of contacts both locally and across our transatlantic network of EACC chapters;
  • Opportunities to learn from others and showcase your own company’s expertise by participating in our online offerings (webinars, podcasts, etc.);
  • Invitations to EACC Florida private & VIP events with high-level guests such as our CEO Luncheons or restricted seminars; and
  • Participation in our in-person educational and networking events (when again possible) free/or at low member rates.

We encourage you to take advantage of our offer to enjoy the remainder of 2021 at no additional cost when you join now for 2022.  Find out more about Membership here or contact me at asutin@eaccfl.com or Christina Sleszynska, our Executive Director, at csleszynska@eaccfl.com to find out the details!

Sincerely Yours,

Alan Sutin, President EACC Florida