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The European American Chamber of Commerce® hosts a wide variety of events, from in-depth macro-economic, legal and financial panel discussions featuring industry leaders, to smaller round table discussions on trade and investment related matters that directly affect individual small and medium size business.

Our educational seminars, roundtables, panel-discussions and conferences are designed to educate our membership and the Florida business community on transatlantic matters relevant to the transatlantic business community across the US, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. They also provide a platform – whether virtual or in-person – to exchange ideas and network with fellow executives across the Transatlantic Corridor.

Below is a list of our upcoming events. We hope we will be able to welcome you at our next event. You can also have a look at our past events as well as upcoming Partner events. And to stay informed about our programs join our mailing list.

We are constantly considering new issues for discussion and formats for our programs. To learn more about these and contribute to the EACC network as a Member call us at +1 305 527 0584 and find out how to join.

    WEBINAR – Is the End in Sight? 17 Years of the Airbus-Boeing Dispute

    This program is brought to you by EACC Cincinnati In October 2004 the U.S. hauled Airbus in front of the World Trade Organization, calling European loans to Airbus illegal subsidies. Since then, there have been counter-complaints and negotiations and appeals. Meanwhile, a global pandemic has walloped the aerospace industry, and China is making a serious run at getting into the civilian airliner market. In March 2021 the new U.S. Administration reached agreements with the UK and the EU to “paus...

    WEBINAR – Post-COVID Recovery Programs: The US and the EU Strategies to Jump Start their Economies and Make Them Fit for the Future

    Brought to you by EACCNY Unprecedented investment plans driven by high political profiles on both sides of the Atlantic. Join us for a high-level discussion about the US and EU's strategies for global competitiveness and opportunities for investors. Europe is embarking on a transition towards climate neutrality and digital leadership. The EU COVID Recovery Fund, will invest €750 billion in rebuilding the European economy. The U.S. Jobs Plan foresees 1 trillion US$  to create millions of good ...

    WEBINAR – Expanding Operations into New Territories: Has the Recipe for Success Changed in a Post-Covid World?

    Brought to you by EACC Florida Expanding operations into new territories around the world has traditionally offered important commercial opportunities for both for multinational corporations and SMEs. Whereas the trend toward globalization was well underway, the COVID-19 pandemic marked an abrupt halt, leading to a global recession, a severe disruption of global trade and a sharp decrease in foreign direct investments. Some countries are still managing the crisis. Others are slowly emerging from...

    WEBINAR – After the Storm: Trends and Challenges for Private M&A in the US and Europe

    This Transatlantic Webinar is a collaboration between EACC Paris and EACCNY The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented disruption to the global M&A market.  Even in today’s uncertain environment, however, deals are being done. To usher existing agreements to successful completion and seize opportunities in today’s – and tomorrow’s – market, sellers and buyers alike need to carefully calibrate their deal terms, learning lessons from the past year. In this webinar, our experts take...

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