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COVID-19. EACC Florida is open for business and continues its programing online to deliver the content members and the transatlantic business community have come to expect !

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Hear Members and Friends Speak about the Crisis and Recovery

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EACC Florida. Also serving Latin America in Europe and Europe in Latin America

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Miami, Monday 16 March 2020

Letter From the President

Dear Members and Friends of EACC Florida,

COVID19 is impacting our personal and professional lives in unprecedented ways, disrupting the organizations that we work for, interact with, and indeed the global system that we have come to rely on in so many ways.

The transatlantic relationship itself is being put to the test by the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting international businesses with challenges on a scale not seen since the financial crisis. Utilizing its chapters in the United Stated and Europe, the European American Chamber of Commerce is working with the business community to focus on and resolve issues specific to transatlantic trade.

As part of the EACC network, EACC Florida sees this crisis as a unique opportunity to continue supporting our members and the transatlantic business community by sharing information and facilitating the connections you need to navigate this difficult period and navigate our current collective challenges. Together with our sister chapters, EACC Florida will be working on a series of transatlantic webinars and other on-line offerings to provide the kinds of thought leadership that has exemplified EACC’s programs since its founding.

EACC Florida announced that its next event would be held on Tuesday March 24th and that it would focus on data protection, the interaction between the CCPA and GDRP, and how CCPA impacts US and European companies in the United States. As we all “go virtual” for an indefinite amount of time, understanding these two regimes might become more important than ever! We will now offer it as a webinar. Details about how to register were sent out on Friday so please sign up!

We will not stop our ongoing efforts to provide valuable services to our members in the coming months. However, our programs will remain virtual until this crisis is overcome.

Please support us by adding us (events@eaccfl.com; csleszynska@eaccfl.com; asutin@eaccfl.com) to your allowed contacts to receive our invitations and communications.

Reach out to us with your ideas and requests for assistance.

And if you haven’t done so already, join EACC and use us as a resource and a forum to share best practices with our vibrant community of members in EACC Florida and across all our chapters on both sides of the Atlantic.

Best regards and stay safe,

Alan Sutin
President – EACC Florida

P.S. – For membership information please email: info@eaccfl.com

Welcome to the European American Chamber of Commerce Florida (EACC Florida). We are a private, independent non-profit organization and part of a dynamic chapter network with a combined membership of over 750 member-companies, reaching more than 10,000 executives in the U.S. and across Europe.

EACC Florida is part of a growing transatlantic network of local chapters with a combined membership of over 750 companies in Europe and the United States and a reach of approximately 10,000 high-level executives on both sides of the Atlantic. While each chapter reflects its local business community, the reach of EACC is transatlantic.

EACC Florida’s activities, benefits and services will reflect those of our sister chapters but will be adapted to the special needs and interests of our local constituency marked by Florida’s unique role as a cross-roads for business and trade between North America, Europe, Latin America and The Caribbean.

Check this website regularly for upcoming events. Mark your calendars and contact us if you wish to attend or receive information about membership and benefits.

Contact: info@eaccfl.com


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European-American Chamber of Commerce Washington DC

Chapter formation in progress, location and contact information to be announced shortly


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