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EU I Latin America – Europe: the ‘other’ Transatlantic Relationship

Germany has offered to host a ministerial EU-LAC conference planned in Berlin in December with the aim of setting in motion a new dynamic of high-level engagement and re-energizing the EU’s relationship with Mexico and Brazil.Together the EU and LatAm represent almost one-third of the votes at the UN. The stock of EU27 foreign direct investment (FDI) in LAC amounts to €758 billion; more than the total of EU investment in China, India, Japan, and Russia combined. The EU is also the region’s principal development partner and a main provider of humanitarian assistance. And there are intense people-to-people contacts: close to 6 million nationals from EU and LAC work and live across the Atlantic. The EU has negotiated association, trade or political & cooperation agreements with 27 of the 33 countries, making LAC the region with the closest institutional ties to the EU. Read more.