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EACC Projects

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EACC Florida Podcasts

EACC Florida is partnering with Miami Global Net on a series of Deep Dive podcasts on transatlantic issues of interest to Miami’s international business community.

Young Voices From The Future

EACC Florida is giving a voice to the Z Generation, the Young Voices from the Future who have already started shaping the world that they will be living in. Every month in our monthly EACC Florida Newsletter and on this website, read about a young person – a student, an artist, an entrepreneur, an athlete – whose identity, vision, project, achievement – illustrates the vibrancy of Florida’s transatlantic community. If you would like to suggest someone to be featured, please contact Chri...

EACC COVID-19 Impact Stories

EACC COVID-19 Impact Stories: since the start of the pandemic, Members and Friends of the EACC – high-level executives, CEOs, officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps – have reflected on some challenges they and their organization are facing since the Covid19 Pandemic interrupted global commerce, on some of the most surprising (positive, innovative) responses/changes they have witnessed, how this experience will change us going forward and what are the opportunities to be seized as a s...