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EU I Latin America – Europe: the ‘other’ Transatlantic Relationship

Germany has offered to host a ministerial EU-LAC conference planned in Berlin in December with the aim of setting in motion a new dynamic of high-level engagement and re-energizing the EU’s relationship with Mexico and Brazil.Together the EU and LatAm represent almost one-third of the votes at the UN. The stock of EU27 foreign direct investment (FDI) in LAC amounts to €758 billion; more than the total of EU investment in China, India, Japan, and Russia combined. The EU is also the region’s princ...

TVA and Origis Energy to Solar Power Google Data Centers

The Tennessee Valley Authority has confirmed that the new 100-megawatt solar facility in Obion County, Tennessee, will supply carbon-free energy to Google’s data centers in Clarksville, Tenn., and Hollywood, Ala. Florida-based solar developer Origis Energy is using TVA’s nationally recognized Green Invest program to develop the solar farm. Find out more.


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Central Banks Develop Digital Currencies

Coronavirus accelerated the world’s move away from cash. Now central banks are considering developing digital versions of the notes and coins in our wallets. Sweden and mainland China could well launch CBDCs – central bank digital currencies – during 2021.These are not cryptocurrencies or units used in video games but means of payment being discussed by many central banks, including the US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank and Bank of Japan. With the Bank for Inter...

Does the CPRA Require Data Minimization with Regard to the Storage of Information

Data minimization is not addressed by most privacy laws in the United States and was not mandated by the CCPA. Privacy laws in the United States that do touch upon data minimization recommend it as a best practice or as a condition for achieving a safe harbor from allegations of improper security. However, unlike the CCPA, the CPRA appears to contain a data minimization requirement. The data retention language of the CPRA is similar to the language contained within the European GDPR whi...

Digital Services Tax – a Necessary Evil

This article discusses the challenges digital technology has created for the global tax system and looks at how different countries are addressing this through digital services taxes. Read further.


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SEC Votes to Harmonize and Improve “Patchwork” Offering Exempt Framework

On November 2, 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC), by a 3 – 2 vote, amended certain rules under the Securities Act of 1933 (the Securities Act) in order to harmonize, simplify, and modernize the exempt offering framework, primarily for the benefit of small and medium-size companies and their potential investors. The underlying goal of the amendments is to promote capital formation and expand investment opportunities while maintaining investor protections. Read f...

Understanding the True Cost of O&M and Asset Management

What is the total cost of Ownership: understanding the elements of the cost equation? Cost allocation and pricing models: Is O&M a commodity? Digital O&M vs manpower expertise: what is the main differentiator. Making the case for cost transparency. Measuring the success of OPEX allocation with regard to scope of work. Integration of assumptions during system design: inflation, technology cost. Join Michael Eyman of Origis Services and a roster of experts who will be addressing these issues on No...